It is suggested that one in ten families will be diagnosed with a chronic illness.


We provide an ear and a voice for the invisible.


"We recognise the physical whilst supporting the invisible"

Our mission

To ensure all adults and teens with chronic illness have a safe environment to express how they feel and are made to feel supported and understood. To provide ongoing support both online and in the community without prejudice. To be exactly what it says in our title

Here at Chronic Illness Support For All UK, our support comes in many forms from online support groups, sending of care packages and arranging buddies for hospital visits and appointments. The organisation is run by people suffering with chronic illnesses themselves so the most important thing we do in terms of support is offer an understanding ear from someone that has actually been there.

It is our ambition that no person should have to suffer alone. Therefore, we try our hardest to be accommodating and comforting, offering a safe place where they can express themselves without prejudice.


It doesn’t matter what condition you have, we aim to help everyone. The only requirement is that you have a chronic illness (that's one that lasts longer than 3-6 months and possibly incurable). The people we help have various conditions ranging from fibromyalgia, chronic migraines to progressive diseases such as cancer, heart failure or MS. What matters is that we're connected and providing a supportive environment.


At CISFA UK we want all adults and teenagers diagnosed with a long-term illness to feel valued by giving them emotional support. 





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  our new blog

 With the arrival of our hot new blogger and Instagramer comes our brand new CISFA Blog, telling it how its really like living with chronic illnesses.

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We run an online support group on Facebook.


We do this so that regardless of where you may be we can stay connected.


So long as you have a chronic illness you are welcome to our support group. We provide a comfortable and free space where you won't feel judged.


At present, our community is 600+ people strong.



Did you know you can recommend someone close to you that is having a particularly difficult time at the moment for one of our CISFA care packs? 


Each of our care packs is personalised as much as possible for the individual and to give too much away now would only spoil the surprise. Generally, though it comprises of items intended to raise their spirits and make them feel a little bit better whilst valued.


Just £1 will go a long way to helping us continue to support those with long-term illnesses