Help and support


Here at Chronic illness support for all UK our support comes in many forms from online support groups, sending of care packages, arranging buddies for hospital visits and appointments. However, the most important thing we do in terms of support is offer an understanding ear. 


It is our mission that no person should have to suffer alone. Therefore, we try our hardest be accommodating whilst comforting, offering a safe place where they can express themselves without prejudice.


It doesn’t matter what condition you have, we aim to help everyone. The only requirement is that you have a chronic illness.



CISFA UK are here to protect the emotional needs of its members only, and any communications are to be kept with the strictest confidence .

No information regarding the member or content of communication shall be shared without prior permission from the member, unless it is thought that the member may be a danger to themselves or others.

All conversations and details of members will not be disclosed to any other person, organisation or business, unless the member is thought to be a danger to themselves or others.

If the need arises to disclose any members details or conversations it shall be to the relevant authorities in charge of such matters.

Anyone wishing to unsubscribe to our website will be taken off the mailing list on receipt of a request email or phone call.

No information regarding mailing lists shall be fowarded to any other organisation or buisness with out prior permission from the member , unless thought to be a danger to themselves or others .

last updated 26th June 2018


Our Online Support Group

Here at CISFA UK we don't want anyone with a chronic illness to suffer alone. As such for this reason we run an online support group on Facebook where we support the emotional side people endure when they live with a long term illness.


We do this so that regardless of where you maybe we can still likely stay connected.


So long as you have a chronic illness you are welcome in our support group. We provide a comfortable and free space where you won't feel judged.



Our Community Support Group

We are pleased to announce our very 1st community support group in south Manchester.

A place for anyone with a chronic illness can come and chat with people that truly understand over coffee, tea and biscuits.

With guest speakers and peer led support.



Did you know you can recommend someone close to you that is having a particularly difficult time at the moment for one of our CISFA care packs? 


Each of our care packs is personalised as much as possible for the individual and to give too much away now would only spoil the surprise. Generally, though it comprises of items intended to raise their spirits and make them feel a little bit better and valued.



We are trying to build up a number of quality mobility items to loan out to those in need and are very excited to announce we have now just got in wheelchairs to hire in the Manchester/Cheshire East area and Sussex.


In order to load the wheelchair, you will need to provide proof of identity and address.


There will be a minimal donation and a deposit required for all items.

If interested please email us