How will you make a difference?

There are tons of ways you can get involved from attending our events, joining our fundraisers or even starting your own.

Obviously, due to the nature of our charity and the people that we help our work is never done. It is a never ending service that we provide people with long term illnesses. As such we need funds and this means fundraising and asking for donations. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you could at home for us 



  • Coffee mornings or film nights. Get a few friends together and have a catch-up whilst raising a few pounds. We even supply the biscuits or chocolates


  • Get your friends and loved ones to sponsor you for a week - month to give something up 


  • Collect unwanted items or clothes together and pop them in the post to us.


  • If you are arty make us something to sell on our craft stalls.


  • Fun runs, walks, football or other sports matches 



Have your own idea for a fundraiser, that's great! Contact us so we can make it happen.

Just £1 will go a long way to helping us continue to support those with long-term illnesses

Be A Buddy

Apply to be one of our buddies and accompany someone with a chronic condition to a doctor or hospital visit. Or maybe just visiting someone who is house bound 


There is no telling how occasions such as these will proceed. Depending on the person that you are assigned to, they may want to chat, wait patiently and of course, there could even be tears. Therefore, it is important that you are mature and capable of providing emotional support.

For the right candidate, this can be a rewarding experience.



Join Our Support Team

Are you empathetic, good-natured and able to provide sincere support?


Join our online support team and be an ear for someone that is struggling. 


This could be over the phone, messenger or email.




We would love it if you could send us some items that we could include in our care packs. Anything you can provide would be very much appreciated we'll accept most kinds of items. Just think of something that someone in emotional distress would really appreciate receiving.